Saturday, 27 April 2019

Things to Need To Know About Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is the way of working on your business reputation in the same way you work for your business marketing. In other words, it is a proactive approach to build and manage your business reputation among the customers. You can understand this concept with the fact that companies with better reputation earn more sales just because they are highly reputed.

It would be worth mentioning another example of reputation. When you apply for jobs right out of your college, your advisor would tell you to be careful about what you post on social media. The reason is that you would need to build a positive reputation in order to get a job.

According to a survey, most of the companies do not think about reputation until their marketing falls into a crisis and their sales drop. At this point when the reputation is at stake, the companies think about reputation management. Experts suggest that it is a wrong approach to go for the reputation management. Instead, the companies need to be proactive and do something about building and maintaining reputation. This is what we call reputation marketing.

Promoting your brand with reputation marketing

There are different ways to promote your brand with the help of reputation marketing. You can start by having reviews from your existing customers. Their feedback will convince potential customers about your brand and products.

When customers do a research about a business, they go online. About 63.6 percent say that they look at online reviews on Google before visiting any business because Google is the largest platform for searching and researching for the business.

And since customers go online to search and research for a business, you have to make sure that you are being attentive to what your customers have to say about your brand and product. It’s important because this is the way you can respond to any review right after it is posted.

According to a survey in 2018, 53% of the customers say that they expect businesses to respond to their negative reviews within a week. However, most of the businesses are not meeting this expectation. About 63% of the customers say that a business never responded to their negative review.

When you are working on reputation marketing, you will have to make sure that you are actively analyzing the customer feedback.

Using customer reviews to improve business operations

The customers will say about your business right according to their experience about your business. It means that if they find any problem in your product, they will say about this problem in the review section. While it is a bad review in the first sight, it is actually an opportunity for you to correct the error. The matter of fact is that you can bring your customer support team into the action to deal with this issue. And this quick response will benefit your business reputation in an amazing manner.

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